Bridging Aid

UPDATE: Students in emergency situations caused by the corona pandemic can also apply for the federal government grant for the month of September. The application is made exclusively online at For each month of pandemic emergency, a separate application must be made in the corresponding month.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is helping students who are demonstrably in a financial or economic emergency situation owing to the corona pandemic with allowances totalling 100 million euros. They are paid out via the student service organisations – the Studierenden- or Studentenwerk (STW).

Online application here:

The bridging aid can be applied for online at from June to August 2020 and will be paid for one month after approval. For the following month a repeat application may have to be made. The amount of the bridging allowance depends on the severity of the financial emergency and is at least EUR 100 and at most EUR 500 per application. If the neediness has been proven, the account of the applicant(s) will be increased to a maximum of EUR 500.

Required documents are a current certificate of enrolment, proof of identity, bank details in Germany, bank statements of the last months of all accounts as well as self-declarations about the cause of the financial emergency and the planned successful completion of the studies. After the bridging allowance has been approved, the money is expected to be transferred to the account within one week - at the earliest, when the processing of the application is expected to start at the end of June.

Eligible to apply are domestic and foreign students at state and state-recognised universities who have lost the opportunity to secure their livelihood due to the Corona crisis and whose other support options (e.g. BAföG, scholarships, loans, maintenance) are not sufficient.

The Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz is responsible for bridging the gap for students at the following universities:

  • Universität Regensburg
  • Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg
  • Hochschule für Katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg
  • Universität Passau
  • Hochschule Landshut
  • Technische Hochschule Deggendorf incl. European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen

Students of the TUM Campus Straubing submit their online application to the Studentenwerk München for the location of the university's headquarters is decisive.

Note: You can apply for bridging aid online as of 16th of June 2020 on. However, for technical reasons, we will only be able to process and assess the applications and initiate payments after the 25th of June 2020.

Please help us to quickly process all applications by refraining from inquiries at the student service organisations. Thank you!
The most important questions about bridging aid:

BMBF Bridging Aid Hotline:

 Phone: 0800 26 23 003
 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Filling out the online application form:

It is particularly important that the application is complete and correct, because an incomplete application can only be processed with the greatest of effort or must be rejected.

Therefore, please take a careful look at this completion aid and pay attention to the information it contains and the technical advice on your application below:

In this video you will learn how to check your application status and what you need to consider for the follow-up application:

Technical Advice on how to apply online:

It is essential that you submit your application completely and correctly. Any incomplete application will significantly impede the processing and payment of all applications! Therefore, please follow these and the following instructions and do not send your application until you have checked all the details carefully:

Correct name of the university

Please make sure that the name of the university is entered correctly. This is stated on the certificate of enrolment. Please do not use abbreviations so that the application can really be assigned.

Emergency situation due to a pandemic

  • The Studentenwerke must check the existence of a pandemic emergency. This is only the case if the pandemic has had a negative impact on your financial situation and you have fallen into an emergency situation.
  • This can be the case if you have lost a part-time job due to the pandemic. Here it is important for us to be able to recognize that you really had a side job and lost it due to the pandemic. If we are presented with employer's certificates stating that the employment relationship was terminated at your request, we will find it difficult to check. Here we need a plausible explanation from you or another letter from the employer.
  • If you have taken up a new job, the examination is also difficult for us, because finally a replacement income was found. If you were already in financial distress before the pandemic and the situation has not essentially changed, then we are very sorry, but then there is no pandemic emergency. In this case you can apply for BAföG or take out a KfW student loan.
  • If we cannot see that your parents, grandparents or siblings are not really paying you any support or less support, then we need a declaration from them to check the plausibility of this statement.
  • If you have large cash withdrawals on your accounts in March, April, May, June or July, or if you have had larger expenses, then we need to know why. Because the situation of the financial distress was already foreseeable. Please explain the expenses in these cases so that we can understand them. Otherwise, we cannot see that there is a pandemic emergency situation.

and chronological overview of the account movements of all accounts since February or March 2020 up to the day before the application

  • Please keep a complete and chronological record of your account movements and balance on the day before you apply, preferably in one PDF document. This applies to all accounts you have. No information may be blacked out!
    Example: If you submit your application on July 14th, we need the account statements from February up to and including July 13th. This means that the account movements in July, even if you do not yet have the final account statement, must be fully documented.
  • Please make sure that we can also see that these are your accounts, i.e. your name must be on the bank statements. Usually this is not visible on mobile phone screenshots, e.g. with Paypal accounts. We ask for your care.
  • Only the transmission of balances is not enough either. The account movements must also be checked and therefore proven.
  • If we see on account statements that there are more accounts, please check them immediately and don't wait for our inquiries. In principle, such an application would be incomplete and would have to be rejected immediately.

Technical advice when creating photos

  • Please make sure that the photos to be taken are well lit. Please do not cover your face with glasses, masks or cloths.
  • Please make sure that the identity card (ID document) is clearly visible and not covered by fingers.
  • Please make sure that the identity card number is stated correctly. Please read the numbers once again to avoid mistakes.
  • Please make sure that the verification code is written in large and legible letters and photographed with the photos to be taken.

Document upload for additional claims

  • Please only start to edit your application when you have all documents available for upload.
  • Due to technical reasons it is only possible to edit your application once!
  • Be sure to completely upload all needed documents during this one edit.
  • Only if you upload all documents completely at once, we can continue with the processing of your application.
  • Please also refrain from intermediate messages like "I'm uploading document XY tonight." Although this is friendly, it leads to overtime in processing your application and thus delays it enormously.

Important: If you submitted an application in the previous month, do not submit a new application in the current month until the processing of the previous application has been completed!

Only if all details are plausible and the documents are legible, the application can be processed quickly. Important: A separate (complete!) application must be submitted each month.

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