The creative think tank of the Cultural Promotion Department is entering its second round! We are looking for creative students of all kinds of art who want to embark on an artistic experiment that is about inspiration, interpretation and Europe in the broadest sense
What are we planning to do?

The idea of “United we Create” is: We bring our creative talents together and inspire each other to come up with new ideas and artistic projects. The project is divided into three creative periods for which we need the entire artistic potential of our students!
Based on an artistic inspiration provided by us, which we want to pass on to you, the project then starts in three creative phases.

united we create 2 Phasen ENGLISCH

What’s the theme?

We chose #challengeeurope as our theme because we believe that Europe had to face many challenges lately. We want motivate young people to tackle this topic in an artistic way. The possibilities are endless.


Without inspiration, „United we Create“ wouldn’t and won’t be possible. That’s why we chose Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” as an artistic inspiration for our first group of this challenge – the novelists, poets and writers among you. In 1823, Schiller’s text inspired Ludwig van Beethoven to compose his Symphony No. 9, which has been the official hymn of Europe since 1972.

„Ode to Joy“ symbolizes friendship, solidarity and the overcoming of differences. So we’re passing on this fundamental idea to all of you as an artistic inspiration.

The project’s process

Starting with Schiller’s words as an inspiration, the project will start its three creative phases. After your application, you will be sent your individual inspiration – then you can start your creative process (see graphic below).

In the first phase, the literature enthusiasts among you are allowed to write poems, short stories or even poetry slams. We collect the texts and then pass them on.

Those of you who have a passion for photography, videos, painting, comics or graphic design can be inspired by these texts to create a visual work of art during the second phase.

The photos, pictures, short films and graphic novels created in this way can, in the third and final phase, encourage the musicians among you to compose new songs.

Of course, the musicians among you can also create something that’s inspired by works that we’re created during the first phase. Inspiration has no boundaries.

NEU united we create Powerpoint vorbereitungen ENGLISCH

What to do with the inspiration?

It’s important to us that you understand the inspiration you’ve been sent as a stimulus rather than a work order. Let yourself be inspired and combine it with your own perceptions, criticisms, visions, questions, sorrows, experiences or whatever moves you about Europe! Always remember: don’t let yourselves be constricted in your artistic freedom!

We are excited to see how the individual works will develop through the whole process. What can be created when a community works together? What creative forces can be set released? What are the different interpretations?

How can I join?
If you want to, you can apply on our homepage for the phase you want to participate in. You can also apply for more than one phase. If you do so, please leave a comment and inform us that you’re participating in another phase as well.

Apply here:

Phase 1 – Literature | Application deadline: December 20, 2021

Phase 2 – Visual art | Application deadline: January 16, 2022

Phase 3 – Music | Application deadline: February 15, 2022

How will the project continue?
At first, we will send you your inspiration. After you have finished your creative work, you can send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in a timely manner. The entry deadlines are noted in your application e-mail.

When the creative process has come to an end, we will meet up at a final event to talk about everyone’s experiences. You will be able to meet the artists you inspired or were inspired by. The event will be an opportunity for you to give us feedback and for us all to increase our creative network. On top of that, we will present some of the finished works.  

The best creative works will be presented to the public digitally or in real life, e.g. in the form of an exhibition or a stage.

Who can participate?
The project is open for all students from any of the STWNO’s locations. You don’t have to be a professional to participate. However, you should be open to new creative challenges. Even if you’ve never shared your poems/photographies/music etc. with the public – this is your chance to be creative!

This project is only possible with a creative community. Help us and spread the word! Share our project! Do you know someone who loves editing and producing videos? Do you have a friend who writes amazing texts but never publishes them anywhere?

We all know: without art and culture our world would be silent. United we create!

If you have any questions please contact:

Maria Hauner
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Conditions of participation:

Everyone who is a student at one of the Studentenwerk’s universities or colleges can participate!