Scholarships are granted by political and church institutions, trade unions, companies and private, sometimes local sponsors. The most noted of these are the eleven scholarships for outstanding students, which require above-average grades and social involvement. You can usually apply for these scholarships yourself, but it is always useful to be informed. 

A list of Scholarships:

Some of the institutions which support highly talented students are represtented by liaison lecturers at the universities and college in Regensburg and Passau. You can read more about this here.

There are also several foundations which target specific groups of students:

  • The Oskar-Karl-Forster Scholarship
    grants money for books to BAföG-sponsored or financially equivalent students
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  • The Dr.-Seyboth Scholarship
    for talented and and financially disadvantaged students of the University of Regensburg who were born in Regensburg.
  • The Franz-Marie-Christinen-Foundation
    awards grants for printing costs for final papers, particularly dissertations.
    Fürst von Thurn&Taxis, Emmeramsplatz 5, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 5048-130
  • The Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger Foundation
    fosters journalism students at the University of Passau
  • The Edmund-Bradatsch Foundation
    grants scholarships to students of the FH Regensburg in technical disciplines.
  • The Siemens Master-Program
    grants scholarships to students of computer science, engineering and electrical engineering.
  • The Reemtsa Institution
    grants scholarships to particularly talented and socially involved students whose families can't fully support them.
  • The E.W. Kuhlmann Foundation
    grants loans of up to 2000€ to students who are in the final phase (last nine months) of their degree.
  • The Peter-Fuld Foundation
    grants scholarships to students who are discriminated against and financially disadvantaged due to their ethnicity, particularly towards the end of their degrees. 
  • Gustav-Schickedanz-Stiftung
    approves loans to financially disadvantaged, preferably protestant students who have been resident in Bavaria for at least five years.
  • The Hildegardis Society e.V.
    fosters catholic students with interest-free loans.
  • The German Albertus-Magnus Society e.V.
    fosters catholic students with interest-free loans.
  • The Otto-Benecke Foundation
    supports late repatriates and those entitled to asylum.
  • The Dr. Willy-Rebelein Foundation e.V.
    approves grants to handicapped and chronically ill students
    Neutorgraben 1b, 90419 Nürnberg, Tel. 0911/580 74-0
  • Stiftung zur Förderung körperbehinderter Hochbegabter
    for highly talented, handicapped students;

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