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Fresh products in a jar

The kitchen team of the gastronomy department produces fresh new products every day. Of course we do not offer these healthy delicacies in plastic, but in a neutral preserving jar. Thanks to the € 1 or € 2 deposit, the jars are constantly in circulation and form a deposit system at the respective universities.

The range of products for fresh and locally produced food is gradually being expanded.

Got the taste? The Studentenwerk's cafeterias offer the following healthy products, among others:

  • Freshly made smoothies in the following flavours: kiwi pickle, mango cheesecake, red berries;
  • Healthy for breakfast: millet mango coconut muesli; fruit yoghurt with crunchy muesli; amaranth porridge with apples and walnuts, quinoa porridge with grape and banana, raspberry yoghurt cream with crunchy muesli, raspberry quark, wild berry yoghurt, classic porridge with flaked almonds;
  • mixed fruits, freshly prepared;
  • Salads: Italian salad, Italian pasta salad with chicken sticks, quinoa salad with goat's cream cheese, vegan quinoa salad, fitness salad with chicken breast, Nice salad with tuna and egg, couscous salad with smoked tofu, vegan couscous salad, Bavarian primal corn salad, vegetable sticks with yofu herb dip;
  • Meatballs with potato salad.

All products are freshly prepared on site every morning. The highlight: The delicacies are not available in plastic, but only in a neutral jar! To avoid unnecessary waste, there is a €1 or €2 deposit per jar, which will be refunded upon return to the cafeterias. True to the motto "Feast and do good for the environment!"