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Do you still have questions about the new reusable system in the canteen or cafeteria? We are there for you and give answers!

This is nothing less than theft and not a trivial offense! For the reusable system to work, it is crucial that the bowls and cups are actually handed in after the scanning process and are not taken away again. The reusable system cannot work in the long term if the Studentenwerk lacks scanned bowls and cups. Taking away bowls and cups that have been handed in is theft, as they are only on loan and are owned by the Studentenwerk. Please take this to heart when returning the reusable tableware!

Since November 2021, you can also order your coffee-to-go in the cafeterias without a deposit in the relevo cup. Please remember to return it to the cash registers or return stations in good time! In addition, the deposit on STWNO cups will be reduced from €3.50 to just €1.00. But please return your cups, because this is the only way the reusable system can work.

Yes. In this case, give your rented Relevo tableware to a representative. He/she must also have the Relevo app loaded on his/her smartphone. He/she then scans the QR code of your Relevo tableware and is asked in the app whether he/she would like to take the tableware from you. If he/she agrees to the takeover, he/she is responsible for the timely return of the tableware and can return the borrowed Relevo containers to the return stations for you.

1,000 to 1,500 single-use packaging dispensed daily speak for themselves! Even if the disposable packaging has been selected according to sustainability aspects and is compostable, the individual components can only be separated and disposed of with difficulty or not at all. We are certain that we can only solve the problem of single-use waste on campus if we dispense with disposing of single-use packaging! Please be prepared for the introduction of the new reusable-to-go system and register in good time in the Relevo app on Google Play or in the App Store or use your own reusable tableware. Saving the environment has seldom been this easy!

The new Mehrweg-to-go system will be introduced in all of our open canteens and cafeterias with their own menu options.

The Mehrweg-to-go system can be explained in five simple steps:

1. The first and most important step of all: Download the Relevo app on your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store and register once as a user. Registration is necessary because this is the only way for the system to recognize that you are participating in the system and which reusable containers you have borrowed. Only the personal data are collected that are absolutely necessary for the use of the reusable system.

2. Order: Load the app and have your meal served in the free Relevo reusable tableware. There are no additional costs for you; Nor do you have to pay a deposit for the reusable tableware! You only have to actually pay the prices for the meals that are also shown in the menu. We do not charge a surcharge for the use of reusable dishes!

3. Borrowing:
QR codes are printed on the dishes. Scan the QR code on the dishes and show your scan confirmation to our employees.

4. Enjoy: Enjoy your food without deposit and with a clear conscience wherever you want. The dishes are stable and come with a lid and keep your food safe and warm even in cool outside temperatures.

5. Return:
Return the dishes in the canteen or our cafeterias with food offerings to the return stations provided within 14 days and confirm your return by scanning the QR codes provided on the posters.

Our explanatory video summarizes the ordering process again step by step:

The use of the Mehrweg-to-go system is completely free of charge for you. All you have to do is download the Relevo app on your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store and register with it, as you have to scan the reusable dishes in the app when serving.

Important: You can use the Relevo reusable tableware free of charge within 14 days. During these two weeks you will be reminded of the return period several times in the app and by email. After that, Relevo will invoice you for a bowl not returned on time for € 10 and a mug for € 5, because if the dishes are not returned, the dishes are considered bought. This should enable a constant cycle: After all, the containers shouldn't pile up in the office or at home, because then they'll be missing from in the canteen or cafeteria.

There is no deposit on the reusable tableware. The following reasons speak against a deposit:

  • Deposit is too high when serving: “10 € deposit for 3 € noodles? I need a loan to bring food for my fellow students! "
  • Deposit is too low when returning: “3 € deposit for a whole bowl? I'm not going back for that, I'm doing fine in my shared apartment anyway!"
  • Deposit does not achieve climate-friendliness: low return rates and long loan periods lead to low reuse in order to offset the higher production of emissions compared to disposable items.

Yes and no. To use the reusable system, it is necessary to download and register in the Relevo app on Google Play or in the App Store.

You can of course use your own reusable tableware (more on this in the next question)!

Of course! If you don't want to take part in the reusable system, you have the option of picking up your food in your own reusable dishes. Put the reusable dishes you brought with you on the trays provided and hand them over to our employees. They will then give you your orders directly in your own reusable tableware.

The reusable dishes come from the manufacturer ORNAMIN, whose bowls for side dishes have been used in the canteen for a long time. Only certified raw materials suitable for contact with food are used in production. The production takes place exclusively in Minden (Westphalia), i.e. the products are 100% made in Germany and are checked for compliance with the statutory provisions for the protection of consumers during regular, unannounced inspections carried out several times a year by the veterinary and food monitoring office of the Minden-Lübbecke district. Plasticizers, heavy metal-based color pigments and bisphenol A are not used in production.

The reusable items are made of food-safe materials SAN (cups and bowls), TPE (lids for cups and bowls) and PP (the corresponding closure for the cups). They are deliberately not made from melamine, since the bowls and cups are put in the microwave in everyday use to warm up food or drinks. Therefore, in this case, a high-quality thermoplastic material is used that is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

To participate in the reusable system, you need to download and register the Relevo app: on Google Play or in the App Store. In the app you have to provide a few personal details that are absolutely necessary for the use of the reusable system: your first and last name, email address and postal address.

The Studentenwerk Niederbayern / Oberpfalz itself does not collect any personal data. Neither do we have access to the data processed by the reservation process in the app. The processing of personal data is therefore the responsibility of the company Relevo. You can find more information about the protection of your personal data at Relevo in the data protection declaration of Relevo:

You can use the Relevo reusable dishes e for free within 14 days. During these two weeks you will be reminded of the return period several times in the app and by email. Important: After that, Relevo will invoice you for a bowl that is not returned in time for € 10, and € 5 for a mug. Because if they are not returned, the bowls ans mugs are considered bought. This should enable a constant cycle: after all, the bowls and mugs shouldn't pile up in the office or at home, because then they'll be missing in the canteen or cafeteria.

Yes. We reserve the right, in exceptional cases (you forgot your own bowl and smartphone; no internet access ...) to issue a small number of disposable packaging for an environmental fee of 1 euro per packaging unit. However, this should not remain normal and only works if there is really no other more environmentally friendly alternative. Without an additional charge on the disposable packaging, there will be no change in behavior. This option should therefore deliberately not appear attractive.

No. You can return the reusable dishes you have used by simply scanning the QR code at the return stations in the canteen or cafeteria. We then collect them, rinse them and return them hygienically and cleanly to the reusable cycle.

The Relevo reusable dishes are robust. There should be little or no scratch marks with normal use. So you can put the bowls and cups back into the reusable cycle and don't need to buy the dishes. If, after repeated use, there are clearly visible signs of use, the dishes will be replaced by us after they have been returned. The used dishes can then be shredded and made into new bowls and mugs. The material is completely recyclable.

You will find more information here Download area „Mehrweg-to-go“.