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Registration in the Relevo app

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Only those who download the Relevo app before going to the canteen or cafeteria and register with it can participate in the reusable system! Here you can download the App in Goolge Play and in the App Store. If you do not want to participate in the reusable system, you have the option of picking up your food in your own reusable dishes. But remember that there shall be no more possibility to take the food in disposable packaging! Please prepare yourself for this innovation and choose one of the alternatives offered!

The Relevo reusable system - simple - fast - free of charge

We believe that sustainability should not represent an additional expense. That is why the company Relevo and the Studentenwerk have set themselves the goal of making Mehrweg-to-go accessible quickly and easily for the needs of students and staff on campus.
There is no need for a deposit, because from our point of view, deposit is not the solution here:

  • Deposit is too high when serving: “€ 10 deposit for € 3 noodles? I need a loan to bring my fellow students food with me! "
  • Deposit is too low when returning: “3 € deposit for a whole bowl? I'm not going back for that, I'm doing fine in my shared apartment anyway!"
  • Deposit does not achieve climate-friendliness: low return rates and long loan periods lead to low reuse in order to offset the higher production emissions compared to disposable items.

Please download the Relevo app for your registration in good time. Only the personal data are collected that are absolutely necessary for the use of the reusable system. Further information on the protection of your personal data at Relevo can be found here: