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While fulfilling their responsibilities, the members of the governing board have to pay particular attention to the regulations for the Bavarian Student Unions ("StudWV"), the Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz ("BayHIG") and the internal regulations for the governing board.

This article summarizes the most important functions of the governing board, as well as the principle rights and duties of its members.

The governing board inspects the Student Union's annual financial statement. It also makes decisions about...

  • the economic plan
  • taking pressure off the manager because of the verified annual financial statement
  • the appointment and dismissal of the manager and the deputy manager
  • purchase, debit and divestment of real estate.

The governing board also sets the statute for the base contribution as well as the sum for the public transport (Semesterticket).

It can also advise the management concerning fundamental issues.

a) Voting power

The governing board discusses and concludes in sessions. A president and vice-president are chosen from among the members. The votes are carried out in written form.

The governing board does not hold public sessions. It meets at least twice a year.

b) Confidentiality obligation

Members of the governing board are obligated to secrecy concerning all affairs that come to their attention in their positon as members of the board, unless the matter is already public knowledge or doesn't require concealment.

  • The board discusses and concludes in sessions according to §3 of the company constitution.
  • The governing board is competent if all members have been properly invited and the majority is present. Is this not the case, the board is competent in the next meeting no matter how many members are there.
  • Decisions are made with votes.
  • Decisions can be made in a written procedure if no member objects.
  • The governing board chooses a president and a vice-president from among its memebers.
  • The manager of the Student Union can take in the sessions with an advisory function.