New construction on Leonhard-Paminger-Straße

Additional living units for students in Passau: The Studentenwerk is planning to build a new publicly funded residential complex on Leonhard-Paminger-Straße in Passau.

By building over the parking lot in front of the existing residential complex, at least 85 additional living units are to be created, divided into individual apartments with their own bathroom and small kitchen, shared apartments for two persons with two equivalent individual rooms (can also be used as parent-child apartment), a shared small kitchen and a shared bathroom as well as shared apartments for three to four persons each with a shared kitchen and dining area. There will also be new outdoor facilities with a barbecue area, as well as parking spaces for cars, bicycles and communal areas. When building the residential complex, we pay attention to it being accessible for students with handicaps.

When constructing new buildings, the Studentenwerk places particular emphasis on the use of renewable raw materials. The building is also to be constructed in accordance with the KfW 55 standard.

The new building will be built next to the existing facility on Leonhard-Paminger-Straße. This residential complex is currently being modernized and extended. More information on this here.