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Renovation works Leonhard-Paminger-Straße

Site plan without scale.

Until 2024, the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz will modernize and expand the student residence on Leonhard-Paminger-Straße. With the renovation and extension work, the facility is becoming even bigger, more modern, more sustainable and barrier-free:


The existing residence provides housing for 254 students. The entire construction measure will provide the complex with a total of 98 additional residential units. 352 Passau students will therefore be able to find a new home in Leonhard-Paminger-Strasse once the work has been completed. The demolition of the attic storey with the addition of two full storeys is planned. The facade elements will also be replaced and partially enlarged.

More modern

The construction measure will create new outdoor facilities with outdoor meeting places. These complement the large and light-flooded common room. Outside, there will also be a reorganization of the existing garbage and bicycle parking spaces. Inside, the ventilation system, including heat recovery, will be modernised in accordance with the statutory hygiene regulations for ventilation systems. However, not only the ventilation system is new, but also the existing residential units and sanitary rooms are being completely renovated.

More sustainable

The modernization of the ventilation system also has a sustainable effect. The same applies to the electrical, heat and water supply systems, which are brought up to the latest state of the art. The exterior facade is insulated according to current energy standards and partly expanded with raised balconies. The addition of two full storeys is done completely in timber construction and according to the current KfW 55 standard.


It is important to the Studentenwerk that students with a handicap or a chronic illness can also benefit from publicly funded and thus particularly affordable housing. Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned measures, house C-27 will receive an elevator in the outdoor area. Eight barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible rooms and apartments are being created here in the extension. The entire common area for the residential complex will also be accessible barrier-free via the elevator. In this way, it is easier for students with disabilities to participate in community life.