We are a strong team, a valuable neighbour and very open-minded.

Strong team
Our specialist departments commit themselves to the social issues of students at the universities in Regensburg, Passau, Landshut and Deggendorf. We do our best to take care of the needs, particularly in the areas catering, student housing, finanzing, cultur, social counseling and child care, of all the students at these universities.

Valuable neighbour
Together with our partners, the universities, we help shape the local conditions for studying in such a way that our young academics can achieve the highest possible success in their degree.

We will continue to meet all challenges in uniting our economical effectiveness with our social responsibilities openly to overcome them. It is our primary goal to offer our students the best possible support according to their current neeeds. For this reason we go about our daily work according to these principles:

  • We accommodate the wishes and expectations of our customers. We are always be there for them and we let them feel it. We respond to them in a friendly manner, try to fulfil their needs quickly and appropriately and offer them high quality for a low price in all our services.
  • We try to constantly improve our services and continually evolve to deal with ever-changing situations. However, we don't just want to react to circumstances, we want to actively shape useful innovations.
  • We, as a student union, are open to communication, both inside and out. It is taken for granted that questions put to us are to be answered appropriately.
  • The people in our business, and their motivation, are important to us. They are appreciated and they ensure that they can accomplish their work as well as possible. We shape the working conditions according to the needs of our staff. This is why we provide modern workplaces and encourage our staff to participate actively in shaping their working hours. Their active involvement and their ideas for improvement are always welcome.
  • We are a family-friendly business. We advocate equal opportunities and and integration of disabled students and staff. We foster and support each other.
  • We do not strive to make a profit, only to cover our costs. An economical and environmentally friendly investment of resources is the most important requirement for a sustainable performance of our business.
  • We foster the internationalisation and attractivenes of the universities under our care in the world-wide competition. Dabei gehen wir auf die jeweiligen regionalen Besonderheiten ein und unterstützen durch Förderung studentischer Projekte das Leben an der Hochschule. Darum sind wir auch ein wichtiger Faktor des jeweiligen Wirtschaftsstandorts.

Regensburg, Passau, Landshut and Deggendorf, 4th March 2009