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Cashless payment

People use their smartphone to make cashless payments at a payment terminal.
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In our canteens and cafeterias, you can now make cashless payments at all cash registers using the payment methods listed below. It is no longer necessary to charge your MensaCard for the payment process. However, you must also hold it up to the reader at the cash register to identify yourself as a student or staff member. If you do not place your MensaCard on the reader, we will have to charge the more expensive guest price.

Important: You will still need credit on your MensaCard for self-service vending machines, ice cream machines, and coffee machines.

Where previously payment in the canteens and cafeterias was made either with the refectory or student card or, in exceptional cases, in cash, there are now numerous cashless payment methods. Cash payment will no longer be possible in the future.

The top-up machines in the foyers of the canteens and cafeterias as well as the cash registers in our catering facilities now accept other payment methods in addition to cash and the EC card. These can be recognized by the following symbols attached to the corresponding top-up machines:

Insta Story Bargeldlose Zahlungsmethoden

Please note: Apple Pay and Google Pay are only accepted at top-up mashines and cash registers with an NFC terminal! At the moment, only Google Pay can be linked to Pay Pal as a payment source. So if you want to pay with Pay Pal, this must be set in advance in the Google Pay app.

It is imperative that every guest, in addition to the card of the selected cashless payment method (see above), also places his or her MensaCard on the reader at the till. The MensaCard is used to determine the price for students, staff or guests. If you don't have your MensaCard with you, the guest price will unfortunately have to be charged.

More payment methods mean more choice, but initially also more information. We explain the specifics of the payment methods in our FAQ.