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Organic foods at the mensas

Since 2011, we offer dishes that are prepared exclusively with organically produced foods. You can identify these dishes on the menus and our monitor system by the organic seal they carry:

Information on the organic seal

Thanks to the state-approved organic seal that was introduced in 2001, organic products can be identified at a glance. The seal is used to mark products which are produced and inspected according to the EG-regulations for organic farming. These EU-wide regulations guarantee uniform standards for organic farming. The seal indicates an organic production and species-appropriate husbandry.


The awarding of the organic seal requires adherence to the criteria of the EG-regulations for organic farming. Among other things, these dictate:

  • At least 95% of ingredients of agricultural origin have to come from organic farming.
  • Only producers, processing firms and import companies that adhere to the regulations for organic farming and submit to the mandatory inspections have the right to sell their products using the labels "Bio" or "Öko".
  • When labelling a product, the name and/or code number of the responsible audit-office needs to be quoted. The scheme for the code-number of an office in Germany is "DE-000-Öko-Kontrollstelle", where "DE" stands for Germany and "000" is a three-digit code which identifies the audit-office.