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Questions regarding the application for a room in a student residential complex:
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Problems filling out the online application?

If you can only partially complete the online application and there is no scroll bar on the right side, this is usually because you are using an outdated Internet browser.

SOLUTION 1 Use a new Internet browser or

SOLUTION 2 Use the tab key on your keyboard to “skip” to the end of the application.

What means “income above € 933 per month”

An income is any positive income from:
- Agriculture and forestry
- Commercial enterprise
- Self-employed work
- Employment relationship
- Capital assets
- Rental and leasing

If you have income from two or more sources, they are summed up.
Furthermore, social benefits such as:
BAföG, housing allowance, child allowance, parental allowance, support, unemployment benefit I and II, etc.
This also includes pensions such as reduced earning capacity pensions, orphans’ pensions, widows’ or widowers’ pensions, etc. as well as monthly insurance benefits, all kinds of allowances and regular financial support from parents, etc.

May/must I apply for a room even though I have not yet been admitted to a course of study?

Yes – you may and even have to apply before you are admitted to a course of study. By submitting an application you do not assume any legal contractual obligations.

How can I withdraw from the rental agreement if I am admitted to another course at another location?

You may receive a rental agreement from us before you obtain confirmation for a course of study. The rental agreement must be signed and returned to us within the specified period, otherwise our offer will expire and the apartment will be offered to another applicant. You can withdraw from the concluded agreement before the beginning of the rental agreement. If we can rent the room without any interruptions, only a processing fee will be charged. If a rental without interruptions is not possible, e.g. because you withdraw at very short notice, we will have to charge a one-month rent. Once the rental period has started, the contractual notice period applies.

Will I receive the key a few days before the start of the rental period?

No – The previous tenant pays the rent for the room up to the end of his/her agreement and can therefore use it up to the last working day. Therefore, you cannot receive the key before the first working day of the start of your agreement.
Because rooms are usually handed over seamlessly, it is also possible that repairs (e.g. a new painting of the walls, etc.) can only be carried out in the first two weeks of your rental agreement.
Basically, the keys cannot be handed out on weekends or public holidays. We would appreciate your understanding for this.